Annual Recognition Awards 2017 – Winners' citations

Having a user focus

Rod Hough
Children and Young People’s Services

Rod, a children’s therapy technician, runs a gym class for children with disabilities and it’s a hit with both patients and staff.

Patients described him in their nominations as ‘amazing’, ‘awesome’, ‘the best therapist ever’ – who makes physiotherapy enjoyable.

Colleagues described him as working above the professional level required and willing to take on responsibility beyond his role due to his commitment to learning, clinical research and professional development.

He has a great rapport with the children - many have developed confidence through his therapy to go onto other clubs and further education, which they wouldn’t have done before meeting Rod.


Criminal Justice Liaison Team
Forensic and Prisons

This team was formed in 2013 and since then, has built rapport, partnerships and evolved to offer efficiency within the criminal justice system.

They work to quickly identify people with mental health issues, offering them care from the earliest moment when they come into a criminal justice setting – saving time and money but also stress for the prisoner.

In the many nominations we received, they were praised for their high standards, respect and their part in helping to reduce re-offending.


Greenwich Cardiac Rehab Team
Adult Community Services

The Cardiac Rehab Team had many nominations from patients, all keen to praise the care they receive.

The team was described as friendly, helpful, understanding, impressive and dedicated.

Many wrote that they left their 8-week exercise programme a changed person with more ability, confidence and psychologically stronger. They said the team understands fully, the trauma of a cardiac episode and works to regain their confidence and strength.

Being responsive

Karen Rodwell
Adult Community Services

Modern Matron Karen was nominated for her work in setting up call conferencing for the district nurses in Bexley. Instead of the team meeting at the same venue every week, Karen worked with IT to provide call conferencing, meaning nurses can join the meeting from their base. This has enabled more clinical time to be freed up, along with time and cost savings as nurses aren’t travelling to the weekly meeting.


Immunisation Team
Children and Young People

The Immunisation Team provides vaccines to children in 104 schools across Greenwich; the flu vaccine for primary schools and a range of vaccines in secondary schools.

The school programmes involve a huge amount of liaison with parents/carers, schools and pupils to ensure targets are met and vaccines are given.

The programmes are organised by the admin staff, which involves obtaining lists of students, ordering vaccines, organising dates to attend schools, delivering and collecting consents from schools, inputting data on RiO for each vaccination given and uploading consent forms.

The nurses check every form returned, to ensure that it is safe for the child concerned to receive the vaccination, often calling parents to check the child’s health or even to see if the child has been using their asthma inhaler before having the nasal flu vaccination. They also give assemblies to students at school.

Equality & Inclusion

Tall Trees
Adult Learning Disability

Tall Trees is a day service for individuals with complex learning disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and challenging behaviour, on our Goldie Leigh site. All the service users have significant receptive and expressive communication difficulties and many struggle to communicate.

Since a review in 2015, staff have changed many of the ways they work, to improve communication with patients and better support patients.

A range of appropriate visual communication resources have been developed and successfully implemented.


Shingairai Chirisa
Older People’s Mental Health

Modern matron Shingairai, known as Shingi to her team, is the ward manager on Shepherdleas ward. She was nominated for her work last year towards the CQC visit, ensuring her staff felt confident when talking to inspectors and were able to speak about positive work on the ward as well as changes they were making towards improvement.

Shingi is described as an excellent clinician and supervisor, who knows how to get the best from her staff.


Edison Phiri
Adult Mental Health

Edison, a Community Mental Health Nurse, was nominated for this award by a student he mentored.

His student said he was a good mentor who balanced challenging him with teaching in such an inspirational way that the student was going to model his future clinical behaviour on Edison’s.

Special recognition:

Tanya Biebuyck
Forensic and Prisons

Nominations for Community Psychiatric Nurse Tanya were numerous, each outlining her dedication, high level of care and compassion.

Tanya has worked with mental health patients for many years and has not only inspired colleagues, but made a difference to the lives of many people who have faced trauma, severe mental health issues and stigma.

Several of the nominations mentioned a pregnant woman Tanya was working with, who was at risk of re-admission and further mental health problems, but with Tanya’s intervention, a multi-disciplinary care package and daily visits, the mother, father and child are now flourishing together.

She is also involved with the Tilt Project, a 24-hour staffed hostel for patients moving into the community from secure psychiatric services and is a partnership between Bridge Mental Health and Oxleas.

Chair’s Commendation

The Burgess Team
Bracton Centre
Forensics and Prisons

The Burgess Team at the Bracton Centre have been awarded a Chair’s Commendation in recognition of their remarkable journey of recovery and healing following an incident last summer when two members of staff were seriously injured.

The team has cared for and supported each other and patients on the path to recovery, continuing to provide excellent care for patients. We would also like to recognise the work of the wider staff group at the Bracton, who bravely sought to assist their colleagues to keep patients safe and for those who have worked tirelessly since to ensure everyone received the support they need to help them come to terms with what happened.

Barbara Doolin

Cashier Barbara Doolin divides her time between the Bracton Centre, Memorial and Green Parks House. Through her conscientious and diligent approach to work, she raised concerns about patients’ petty cash funds which resulted in an audit. Fraudulent activity was uncovered and a subsequent court case was successful. Barbara works tirelessly to ensure policies and procedures are in place to prevent further fraudulent activity and is pivotal in ensuring her team are fully trained and on the look-out for anything of concern.

Governor’s award:

Edison Phiri
Adult Mental Health

The number of nominations received from patients and patients’ families was what caught the eye of the Governors when choosing Edison for this award.

Many patients had echoed the same feeling – that Edison is caring, approachable, understanding and has made a difference to their lives.

Many nominations also came from friends and family of his patients who said his care and support has turned things around for the whole family, not just the patient.