Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets regularly and is chaired by Andy Trotter.

We aim for our Board of Directors to reflect the population we serve and, when vacancies arise,  we review the make-up of the board to ensure we have the right balance of skills and experience.

Jo Stimpson is the senior independent director.

The members of the Board of Directors are:

The Board of Directors and Council of Governors work closely together. The directors run the trust’s services and develop strategies and plans for the future. Directors are accountable for meeting national standards, performance targets and financial requirements. They report to the membership through the Council of Governors on the running and performance of the trust.

The governors agree the strategic direction of the trust and its services and represent the views of the trust’s members. A report from the Council of Governors is a standing item on the Board of Directors’ agenda and the Chairman of the trust chairs both the Council of Governors and the Board of Directors.