Staff Governors (7)

Our Staff Governors are elected by fellow staff within the constituencies they represent.

From 11 September 2018, the staff constituency will be divided into seven new classes as follows:

  • Bromley adult (1 governor)
  • Bexley adult (1 governor)
  • Greenwich adult (1 governor)
  • Forensic and prisons (1 governor)
  • Children (1 governor)
  • Learning disability (1 governor)
  • Corporate & partnership organisations (1 governor)

For the avoidance of doubt, to give effect to the transitional arrangements described in our Constitution and only for the purposes of enabling an election to be held prior to 11 September 2018, each member who retains membership of their existing class shall be deemed to be members of the new class for which they are eligible until such time as their membership of relevant new class take effect formally on 11 September 2018.