Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

On 23 May 2019, NHSE/I submitted a series of recommendations to all Trusts, to ensure their disciplinary and investigative processes were fair, empathetic, proportionate and efficient. These recommendations were based on an independent review of a disciplinary case, at another Trust, which had resulted in tragic consequences.

A self-assessment of our disciplinary process and practice was undertaken and appropriate action was taken to ensure these processes are carried out in a compassionate, kind and fair way. 

On 2 December 2020, the NHS Chief People Officer shared an additional letter, asking for Trusts to commit to a yearly review of their disciplinary procedures against the recommendations. She also made a request for Trust’s Disciplinary Policies to be formally discussed at their Public Boards, or equivalent, and for the policies to be made available on Trust’s public websites.

Our revised Disciplinary Policy and Procedure is available to view below.