History of the trust

We were formed in 1994 as Bexley Community Trust and have grown to become more specialised and widespread. We have been providing mental health and adult learning disability services in both Bexley and Greenwich since 1995 and, in 1997, we took over mental health services in Bromley. We took the name Oxleas in 1995, after the ancient Oxleas Woods which borders Bexley and Greenwich and continues to be a central point to the areas we provide care in.

In 2001, we began providing child and adolescent mental health services across the three boroughs. Our specialist forensic mental health services have also grown and we now provide services in prisons across Kent and South London.

We became a foundation trust in May 2006, following several years as a high-performing NHS trust. We were one of the first trusts providing mental health services in the country to benefit from the greater local accountability and financial freedom offered by foundation trust status.

In 2007 we began providing adult learning disability services in Bromley which means that we are now the main provider of mental health and learning disability services across the boroughs of Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich.

In July 2010 Bexley's Community Health Services transferred to the trust and in April 2011 Greenwich's Community Health Services joined the trust. This means that a third of our staff now provide physical health services to adults and children in the community. These range from specialist nurses and therapists working with the very young to district nurses and therapists meeting the physical health needs of older people.