Our strategy

In light of the feedback from our large-scale Our Next Step engagement work and the experiences through the pandemic, we have identified three big priorities for Oxleas for 2021 to 2024:

Achieving Zero Delays

The amount of time a patient should expect to wait for a service should be well-defined and understood by both patients and staff. We want Oxleas to be known for delivering the right care at the right time with zero delays.

Delivering Great Out of Hospital Care

We will achieve great out-of-hospital care by co-designing our services with those who use our services and their loved ones. We are also keen to work in close partnership with local GPs, the voluntary sector and our local providers. We will support our service users to have greater choice and control and be supported to live well in their communities.

Making Oxleas a great place to work

We will only deliver outstanding care to our patients if we take the best possible care of our staff. We want our people to be given opportunities to develop and thrive and to feel supported to give their best every day. We want every person in Oxleas to be treated kindly, fairly and with care.

Building blocks for change

To help us achieve these three big priorities, we will be taking forward the following programmes

Our building blocks for change:

  1. Delivering quality management
  2. Bolstering our service user, patient, carer involvement and co-production
  3. Creating a safety and learning culture
  4. Increasing our focus on service inequalities
  5. Effective partnership working
  6. Reducing violence, aggression and abuse against our staff
  7. Increasing digital and remote service delivery
  8. Making best use of our resources.

Download our strategy

Download our full strategy as well as a summary infographic below, in PDF format.

If you would like the strategy document in a different language or format, please contact us at oxl-tr.communications@nhs.net.