Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality Management Framework – Continuous learning system

Our ambition at Oxleas is to go from good to great in terms of the quality of our services, and then to stay great. We want to embed an improvement approach which delivers sustained improvements to the quality of care we provide, empowering staff to provide better and safer care. 

We will deliver this by focusing on four components of our quality of care: 

  • Quality planning
    understanding the priorities for improvement and the design of appropriate interventions 
  • Quality control 
    maintaining quality and knowing when it slips away
  • Quality assurance
    independently checking the quality 
  • Quality improvement
    Delivering the improvement

There are three key enablers to this work – 

  1. Being clear about how this work contributes to our overarching priorities as set out in this strategy, 
  2. Leadership that demonstrates the beliefs, attitude, skills and behaviours that enable improvement, 
  3. Co-design and co-production – a culture of listening and action. 

Our quality management framework brings all these components together. It provides the methodology for developing and continually improving quality through the setting and monitoring of annual quality priorities. 

Effective implementation of a quality management framework will help us to build on our current approach and deliver – 

  • Robust quality control systems that provide one version of the truth about what is and what is not working
  • Effective governance and management processes so all our improvement activities are aligned 
  • A culture that empowers our staff
  • Opportunities to learn and value the mirror held up to us by our assurance processes
  • Honesty when something goes wrong 
  • Improved scope to listen and respond to staff, patients and their families

Download our Quality management Framework: Continuous Learning System document.

Qi Framework animation

Qi Framework animation

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