Children and Young People's Directorate

For this award, we have joint-winners.


The Children's Community Nursing Team

Throughout the pandemic, the team have remained flexible, adaptable and embraced the changes that have been needed. Despite many teams being able to work from home, this service still required essential face to face visits, seeing up to 120 children in a week.

The team support local and tertiary hospitals by reviewing children that would normally receive care in hospital to prevent them missing out and also to support with shielding.

Two team members were redeployed to the Demelza hospice and the team has supported the local hospital by carrying out weekly Coronavirus swabs on the children with sickle cell requiring hospital attendance for blood transfusions.

The team has also supported staff antibody blood testing. This was a huge initiative and the nurses, HCAs and nursery nurses ran many clinics on different sites.

Recognition Awards 2020 CYP 1


The CAMHS Crisis and DBT teams

They have gone above and beyond to support young people and families both before and during the COVID-19 period.

The Crisis team continued to cover A&Es across the boroughs during lockdown to assess and support young people who had presented due to mental health needs.

They had to adapt to the changing demands including moving to working largely out of hours to enable other boroughs to cover the day shifts when needed. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, young people continued to be provided with high quality and timely crisis assessments.

The DBT team offers an intensive evidence based intervention for young people presenting with emotion dysregulation and self-harm and suicidal behaviours. Within 2 weeks of lockdown starting, the service had adapted to continue to provide all aspects of the intensive intervention virtually. This included; weekly individual sessions, weekly group sessions for parents and young people and 9-5 phone support for parents and young people.

Due to the motivation and commitment of the team, parents and young people have continued to provide positive feedback regarding the support they have received and no young people engaging in this service during this time required inpatient admission.

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Highly Commended:

Greenwich Health Visiting and Central Admin Team

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