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Recognition Awards 2020 Forensic


Crofton Ward

Nominations were received from colleagues past and present. The ward culture that has been cultivated, under the leadership and direction of the ward manager Nana and the nursing team, is one of collaboration, working together and getting things done!

The general good nature and spirit of the ward means that good relationships are built with patients quickly. Patients are listened to and their requests dealt with in a timely way. The Crofton team's work has aided service user recovery, a reduction in violent incidents occurring on the ward and contributed to a number of incidents being de-escalated and a safer working environment for the patients and staff.

A number of patients who have struggled on other wards have been managed extremely well by the team due to their professionalism and team work.

Highly Commended:


The Occupational Therapy Teams at Bracton and Memorial

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