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Amy Constant, Speech and Language Therapist, Bexley Early Years Community Team

Amy was nominated by a number of colleagues who wanted to show their appreciation for the support she has given to everyone in the team during the pandemic.

For many, she has provided a listening ear around their personal and work related concerns, calling and checking in with anyone where a concern has been raised, giving support, encouragement, showing empathy and understanding in each situation.

Amy has given up her personal time calling people even on her non-working days and at all hours of the day and evening offering guidance and care.

Amy set up a virtual pub group for the early years team giving up every Friday evening, she organised quizzes and themed evenings. She arranged for prizes to be sent to the winners. Staff found this a welcome escape and support from everything else that was going on in their lives.

Amy sent cards with kind, thoughtful and encouraging words, with a tea bag, encouraging staff to take a break to look after themselves.

Amy deserves recognition as she has gone above and beyond for everyone.

Highly Commended:

Lived Experience Practitioners (Common Foundations Online project)

Warren Dunkley (Occupational Therapist)

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