Adult Community Mental Health Directorate Team of the Year Award

Our 'Team of the Year' is a team who shows how they have put our new values ‘we’re kind, we’re fair, we listen, we care’ into action or have demonstrated improvements in quality and patient experience.

Recognition Awards 2021 Adult Community Mental Health Directorate


Bromley West ICMP Team

In response to a challenging CQC inspection the team have made substantial improvements to the quality of care that patients receive, implementing physical health and wellbeing checks for people with serious mental illness on their caseload. The team have recognised the difference that this work can make to the quality of life of patients and have committed to implementing this change showing care and compassion and a genuine desire to make a change. 

The team were also nominated for the quality of their safeguarding and working together as a team to always live our values through safeguarding. Bromley West ICMP team members are true ‘safeguarding superstars’, jointly running the very successful Bromley Safeguarding Hub with Adult Safeguarding Lead, Andy Warren and winning the most ‘Safeguarding Superstar’ awards of any team to date, excelling in Safeguarding Adult practice.

Highly commended:

Greenwich Primary Care Plus Team

Bexley ICMP team


Bexley ICMP
Bexley ICMP Admin
Bromley CMHRES
Bromley Early Intervention Team
Bromley Memory Service
Bromley West ICMP
Greenwich Community Mental Health Admin Team for Older Adults
Greenwich Community Mental Health Team for Older Adults
Greenwich Primary Care Plus Team
Practice Development Nurses

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