Children and Young People's Directorate Team of the Year award

Our 'Team of the Year' is a team who shows how they have put our new values ‘we’re kind, we’re fair, we listen, we care’ into action or have demonstrated improvements in quality and patient experience.

Recognition Awards 2021 Children and Young People's Directorate


Bexley Speech & Language Therapists

The team have worked hard to ensure our most hard to reach and vulnerable children and families have been regularly contacted or received face to face appointments throughout the pandemic. Over the summer holidays, the team assessed children known to the service who were starting in Reception in September to ensure care plans were in place to support the children in school. The team are looking at practical ways to address inequality and lack of diversity around the SaLT profession as a whole and are participating in a Qi project on bilingualism and service accessibility. 

Highly commended:

Bexley CAMHS Admin team

Immunisation team


Bexley CAMHS - Admin Team
Bexley Speech and Language Therapy Team
Bromley CAMHS, Neuro-Developmental & Learning Disabilities Team
CAMHS Crisis Team
CAMHS Looked After Children’s Team
Children's Continuing Care Team
Generic Team
Greenwich Children's Integrated Therapies Team
Greenwich IND ADHD Team
Greenwich SPA Team
Immunisation Team
Young Greenwich School Nursing Team

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