Forensic and Prisons Directorate Team of the Year Award

Our 'Team of the Year' is a team who shows how they have put our new values ‘we’re kind, we’re fair, we listen, we care’ into action or have demonstrated improvements in quality and patient experience.

Recognition Awards 2021 Forensic and Prisons Directorate


All Band 2 Support Workers

Our Band 2 support workers have provided compassionate care to patients during the last 18 months of the pandemic. These members of our team are recognised for the support and work they put into our services which is often difficult and challenging. They are our lowest graded staff but without them our services would not function. Their approach to patient care is truly based on the trust values of caring, kindness and listening.

Highly commended:

Early Days in Custody MH Support Team, HMP Elmley

Forensics Service User Forum 


All teams, HMP Rochester
Band 2 Staff across Forensics and Prisons
Early Days in Custody Mental Health Support Team, HMP Elmley
Forensics Occupational Therapy Team
Forensics Service User Forum
Healthcare Admin, HMP Belmarsh
IDTS, HMP Thameside
IPU Mental Health Unit, HMP Thameside
Joydens Clinic, Bracton Unit
Learning Disabilities Team, HMP Thameside
Mental Health Inreach Team, HMP Swaleside
Primary Care, HMP Rochester
Primary Healthcare, HMP YOI Cookham Wood
Provision Psychologically Informed Planned Environment (PIPE), HMP Swaleside
South East Integrated Community Pathways Service (SE ICPS)
Substance Misuse Service and Dual Diagnosis Team, HMP Thameside

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