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The Research and Development Office manages the national and local research studies being hosted at the trust, and also provides advice on research governance and ethical review.

Research is a core, not peripheral, NHS activity - this is enshrined within the NHS Constitution – and we should all try to become involved. This is because:

  • Robust research findings provide the foundation of quality health and social care services, feeding into NICE guidance and other evidence-based practice guidelines. They tell us what works and what doesn’t from amongst the huge range of existing and new treatments and interventions.
  • When we host research studies we are able to offer our service users and their carers access to novel treatments and interventions that don’t form part of usual NHS care, and our clinicians training in delivering them.
  • By participating in research we are helping to generate evidence which, when implemented in practice, helps to drive up the quality of the services we offer and leads to better outcomes for our service users and their carers and the wider NHS.

We aim to provide an organisational environment that is conducive to the undertaking of good quality research activities across all of our services:

  • If you wish to undertake a research or service evaluation study, please take the time to read the information in the various sections below. We advise that you contact us at a very early stage so that we can help guide you through the various processes.
  • Please note that no research study may be undertaken without it first being registered with and issued with a confirmation of capacity and capability by the R&D Office.
  • Details of all national research projects being managed in-year may be found on the trust's NIHR Portfolio Studies Database.

Please see the sections below for more specific information:

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Anthony Davis, Research and Knowledge Manager
0203 260 5118