National research studies

National research studies within the NHS are overseen by the Clinical Research Network (CRN), which is part of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). These are national bodies which provide the overarching infrastructure for NHS-based research. High-quality, robust research studies are adopted by the CRN Portfolio and attract support and resources to ensure their effective local delivery.

The CRN consists of 6 divisions, arranged by condition or service area:

  • Division 1: Cancer.
  • Division 2: Diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease metabolic and endocrine disorders, renal disorders.
  • Division 3: Children, genetics, haematology, reproductive health and childbirth.
  • Division 4: Dementias and neurodegeneration (DeNDRoN), mental health, neurological disorders.
  • Division 5: Primary care, ageing, health services and delivery research, oral health and dentistry, public health, musculoskeletal disorders, dermatology.
  • Division 6: Anaesthesia/peri-operative medicine and pain management, critical care, injuries/emergencies, surgery, ENT, infectious diseases/microbiology, ophthalmology, respiratory disorders, gastroenterology, hepatology.

More information on the national research we are hosting can be accessed by:

  • Checking the trust's NIHR Portfolio Studies Database, which includes details of all studies that are being managed in-year at the trust. The database includes links to study summaries and also details current recruitment totals to them.

 Please contact us should you require more information on any study.