Safe staffing

In November 2013 the National Quality Board (NQB) and NHS England (NHSE) published national guidance, How to ensure the right people, with the right skills, are in the right place at the right time, which outlines our responsibility to ensure safe staffing levels.

For every shift during every day we now display on the ward the planned and actual staffing levels on each of our wards, with other key information such as who is in charge.

Every 6 months we report to the Board of Directors regarding safe staffing levels.

Oxleas emergency response to COVID-19 has included closing a number of our in-patient wards and re-deploying staff across our clinical services, to support safe staffing levels and expertise, where we need it most.  Therefore, the data included in the March 2020 report onwards will have inaccuracies, and is to be read with caution.  

Oxleas remain wholly committed to delivering safe and effective priority services during the current pandemic.  In order to ensure this, safe staffing levels are reviewed and timely actions taken daily, when necessary.

June 2020

Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, we have been unable to produce accurate safe staffing information for April and May 2020. This is due to the number of staffing changes we made during the pandemic to ensure we had the right staff in the right place at the right time, in a flexible way in order to best respond to patient's needs.

We aim to be able to start publishing these files accurately in the coming months. In the meantime, please be assured that we are managing safe staffing numbers on a day by day basis, based on need.