Same sex accommodation

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust provides same sex accommodation because this helps to safeguard people’s privacy and dignity.

Same sex accommodation means that your bedroom, toilet and bathroom will only be used by patients of the same sex as you.

Your bedroom

  • Will only have patients of the same sex as you. (94% of our bedrooms are singles and the remainder are twins.)
  • Male and female doctors, nurses and staff will come into your bedroom.

Your toilet and bathroom

  • You will either have a room with en-suite facilities or your toilet and bathroom will be just for patients of the same sex as you.
  • Will be close to your bedroom and clearly signed.
  • You will not have to walk through communal areas to reach your toilet or­ bathroom.
  • If you need help to use the toilet or bath (eg a hoist or special bath) then you may need to use a unisex bathroom. Staff will assist you if required.

Male and female corridors

  • Each ward has a male and female corridor where same sex bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms are located.
  • Some rehabilitation wards also have some single en-suite bedrooms off a shared corridor. You will only be admitted to one of these rooms after a discussion with you.
  • Patients may be admitted into single bedrooms in areas occupied by the opposite sex when no bedroom is immediately available in the appropriate area. This will only be done following discussion with the patient and with safeguards in place.

Day and communal areas

  • Are used by people of both sexes. You may share some communal space such as activity rooms, day rooms or dining rooms, where people of both sexes can socialise and take part in therapeutic activities together.
  • Visitors of the opposite sex will come onto your ward.
  • Each ward has a female only lounge.

Your primary nurse

If you would prefer your primary nurse to be female or male you can tell us and we will try to arrange this.

Assistance with bathing or dressing

Female patients who need assistance with bathing or dressing will always have the option of being assisted by a female member of staff.

What are our plans for the future?

Although our wards all meet Department of Health Standards, we made a number of improvements over the past year to increase the number of patients' bathroom and toilet facilities and to provide them closer to bedroom areas. We will continue this work over the next year.

How will we measure success?

We will report to our Board when this work is done and update this statement. We hope the changes will be reflected in improved patient satisfaction as measured by the patient discharge survey and other patient feedback.

What do I do if I am concerned about mixed sex accommodation?

If you have concerns about privacy and dignity on your ward, please contact the Ward Manager and/or Modern Matron.

If you still have concerns please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 0800 917 7159.

March 2012