Our team

The Greenwich Adult MSK Team consists of Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and admin. The clinical team are all Specialists within the Musculoskeletal field. You may be seen by a fully qualified specialist Locum.

MSK Physiotherapists

In the specialist physiotherapy team we examine and assess patients to identify issues before devising treatment and exercise plans in partnership with the patient. We treat all conditions affecting muscles, nerves and bones from head to toe.

The service we provide is innovative and up-to-date in advanced techniques - these can help the patient improve the issue that they have. We use a variety of approaches to effectively help people treat and overcome problems; such as:

  • Injection clinics
  • Specialist triage service including referrals on to consultants
  • Extended scope work including diagnostics

Holly Laws - Extended Scope Adult MSK Physiotherapist and Head of Profession
Dave Crone - Extended Scope Adult MSK Physiotherapist
Rachel Parmeter - Advanced Adult MSK Physiotherapist
Josh Hawskworth - Advanced Adult MSK Physiotherapist
Frankie Newby - Advanced Adult MSK Physiotherapist
Martyn Brooks - Specialist Adult MSK Physiotherapist
David Finney - Specialist Adult MSK Physiotherapist

MSK Podiatrists

The specialist podiatrists within the MSK Service provide treatment and care planning related to disorders of the foot and the ankle. Podiatrists advise around foot care, health education, gait analysis (study of movement) and footwear.

They carry out specialist gait analysis and biomechanical assessments of the foot and ankle. This can be used together with diagnostics such as MRI or ultrasound scans to develop accurate treatment plans. They also use in-shoe pressure analysis, simple orthotics and custom orthotics to help control pain.

Other interventions such as injection therapy, ESWT, exercise therapy and acupuncture can be used in combination with the other treatments.

Aminat Adeleke - Advanced Adult MSK Podiatrist
Sophie Brewer
- Advanced Adult MSK Podiatrist
Jonathan Barber
- Specialist Adult MSK Podiatrist


Wendy York - Acting Senior Administrator
Lindiwe Mbalula
Pam Wilkey