How the service is organised

Children's OT: How the service is organised

We have 5 core service streams which include:

  • Under 4s; children are seen for assessment, equipment provision and if appropriate treatment session either 1:1 or group intervention within nurseries, clinic and the home environment.
  • Mainstream; children 4-11 are seen for assessment and advice. If appropriate they can access group intervention. Children over 12 can access the monthly advice clinic.
  • Complex needs in mainstream schools; Children who attend a mainstream school who have a significant physical disability such as Cerebral Palsy, Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, and Acquired Brain Injury. Children may have OT provision on their statement and access one to one or group intervention and equipment provision within schools, clinic and home environment as appropriate.
  • Special schools; children access assessment, advice and equipment provision with therapists working collaboratively with the school team & are also responsible for postural seating in the home.
  • Extended services; several schools and the ASD outreach service fund an OT to complete specialist work with children in their care.