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What is HeadScape?

HeadScape has been designed for young people, by other young people in Greenwich and Bexley, to give them a trusted website to use for information, to check how they feel and even take a test to find out if they need help with their emotions.

HeadScape is a 'one stop' source of self-help about a range of mental health issues and conditions for young people to browse at leisure.

Uniquely, HeadScape offers young people the opportunity to independently undertake a mental health screening questionnaire, which when completed, provides individually tailored advice and information. Depending on the results, the site can offer young people living in Bexley and Greenwich the option to self-refer directly into their local Children and Young People's Mental Health Services.

Tablets, smartphones and computers

Designed to work on tablets, smart phones and computers, the site is simple to use and highly visual with well-designed, colour-coded emoticons to represent feelings and situations.

News: Headscape launch (iPad demo)
The HeadScape website being used on an iPad

Free to use

HeadScape is free to use and helps young people to access the advice and information they need at any time. Those experiencing mental health issues are signposted to the support they need quickly.

From anxiety to eating disorders, phobias to bullying, depression, gender or anger issues, HeadScape covers over 30 different conditions. The site is accessible to everyone and anyone can undertake the quizzes to benefit from the tailored information and advice.

Find your HeadScape at:

www.headscapebexley.co.uk(external link)

www.headscapegreenwich.co.uk(external link)