Non-Violent Resistance (NVR)

NVR is a concept that draws inspiration from those who have sought to bring about changes in society in a non-violent manner. Famous examples include Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

The NVR parenting approach was introduced by Haim Omer in a groundbreaking book Nonviolent Resistance (2004). Oxleas pioneered the NVR group programme in the UK in 2006. The course aims to offer a series of tools and techniques to support parents and carers of children / young people who display challenging attitudes and behaviours. Parents are guided through a set of core principles based on the idea of carefully planned actions (hence the NVR motto ‘strike when the iron is cold’).

Tools also introduce the principles of "connection before correction". As parents gain greater confidence and self-control, this enables difficult issues to be addressed in an effective manner through a process of increasing parental presence. As parental presence grows, so does the rebuilding of the loving parent/child relationship.

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