NVR map and factsheets



These new NVR Factsheets cover each NVR concept as they are introduced on our 12 week NVR parenting programme. Further factsheets to follow. We hope that these NVR factsheets help to understand and use the NVR toolkit. The short versions (with titles in green text) introduce NVR ideas. The long versions (with titles in red text) can be useful if you want more detailed information.

You are welcome to print individual copies for your personal use. For permission to print bulk copies, for use by organisations, please email pete.brown2@nhs.net for our current low cost rates.

  1. Introduction to NVR: short version / long version
  2. Escalation and De-escalation: short version / long version / worksheet
  3. Parental Presence: short version / long version / worksheet
  4. Prioritising using Baskets: short version / long version / worksheet
  5. Reconciliation Gestures: short version / long version / worksheet 1worksheet 2 / worksheet 3 / worksheet 4
  6. Active Resistance: short version / long version / worksheet 1 / worksheet 2 / worksheet 3
  7. Parental Self care and Supporters: short version / long version / worksheet 1 / worksheet 2
  8. Announcements: short version / long version
  9. Sit-ins: short version 
  10. Siblings: part 1 / part 2
  11. Timing, Tone and Talk: part 1 / part 2 / part 3


These new infosheets offer additional information about NVR that should be helpful to anyone interested in the running of NVR courses.

  1. Information for parents and carers
  2. Information for professionals
  3. Overview of the NVR course programme
  4. Information for new facilitators and potential facilitators
  5. NVR Oxleas position statement (our ethos in delivering NVR courses & training)
  6. Thinking about Group Processes (part 1)

NVR map of tools & techniques

Download the NVR map of tools & techniques below (in PDF format).