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Non-violent Resistance Programme (2010)

NVR Programme


Elisabeth Heismann and Liz Day

This training manual uses principles of non-violent resistance to help parents and carers resist violent behaviours and establish a warm and containing parental presence.

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Non-violent Resistance – Innovations in Practice (2019)

NVR Resistance


Elisabeth Heismann, Julia Jude, Liz Day

A handbook for anyone working with carers and parents of children and young people who show violent or challenging behaviours.

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Whose Tune Are We Dancing To Anyway? (2020)

NVR Resistance - whose tune cover


Elisabeth Heismann, Deborah Frimpong, Louise Target, Sarah McClay.

A Guide to Parent Participation in NVR for Parents, Carers and Professionals.

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NVR innovations in practice

Table of contents.

Expanding Reconciliation Gestures and Active Resistance with connecting and resisting comments by Pete Brown

Sample chapter from the book NVR Innovations in Practice, published in May 2019. Based on the idea of 'Connection before Correction' this chapter looks at the importance of six types of connecting comments and six types of resisting comments to support parents and their interactions with young people. The metaphors of a magnifying glass and a shield are introduced to help 'magnify' the use of connecting comments and 'protect' parents from responses to resisting comments. Reproduced with kind permission of the publisher. Book available Pavilion Publications.

Supervision for non-violent resistance: Raising practitioner presence by Luke Cousins

Article from Context magazine, Issue 163, June 2019.

Looking after ourselves at work: Embracing the principles of non-violent resistance as a method of self-care. Luke Cousins, Mark Batterham and Ramon Wilson.

Context magazine, Issue 171, October 2020.

“Being kind to yourself is one of the greatest kindnesses” said the mole: Twelve questions about self-care using a non-violent resistance framework. Nicky Maund and Lydia Stafford. 

Context magazine, Issue 171, October 2020.

The Resilient Practitioner: Self-care strategies for helping professionals. Pete Brown.

Context magazine, Issue 171, October 2020.

Non-violent resistance:  towards a radically alternative mental health nursing practice by Mark Batterham, Luke Cousins, Ramon Wilson and Andrew Mathers

Article from MENTAL HEALTH NURSING April/May 2018.

Working therapeutically in the Goldilocks zone by Pete Brown

Article from Context Magazine, issue 161, Feb 2019. This short article looks at creating change within the 'Goldilocks Zone' of therapeutic work and includes two examples from NVR parent courses.