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Visit the Moodzone section on the NHS website here

Whatever you need to know about boosting your mood, coping with stress, anxiety or depression or simply improving your overall emotional wellbeing, the NHS website Moodzone is here to help. It offers practical, useful information, interactive tools and videos to support you on your way to feeling better.

Help and advice

Common problems

This section explains what low mood and depression, stress, anxiety and panic are and points you towards more information on getting help and things you can do, for yourself and for others

What you can do now

Feel ready to make a change? You can begin improving your mood right away. Moodzone offers tips and how-to guides to get you started, including the steps you can take to achieve better mental wellbeing and information about available treatments.

Moodzone also offers eight audio guides that you can listen to, for advice on how to approach common problems with mental wellbeing. These include:


Other useful websites

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