Information for families and carers

Carers have a good knowledge of the patient’s life history and lifestyle and they can work with clinicians to improve the physical health and mental well-being of our patients.

Working in partnership with carers means informing and involving them about the patient’s care and treatment.

"Carers are hugely important to our society, their contribution is immense.

Over 1.4 million people provide 50 or more hours of unpaid care per week for a partner, friend or family member. In terms of providing care, they are often doing most of the work so it is vital that we in the NHS give them the recognition and help they need.

We also need to remember how the demands of caring can take its toll on people’s own health. We need to care for the carers."

Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England

Carers services

Carers services can be a lifeline for carers who have difficulty coping. These are national organisations as well as local organisations that carers can go and get help and support for themselves: 

Carers UK campaign for carers’ rights and benefits.  It has a range of leaflets on carers rights and benefits which can be downloaded from their website. It also provides training for professionals who work with carers. 

Carers Trust is a national organisation that provides help and support to carers. It has local carers support branches in most parts of the UK. 

Carers Support Bexley is a branch of Carers Trust that provides information and support for carers living in the Borough of Bexley. It also provides respite services to people who have a health problem. 

Greenwich Carers Centre is a branch of Carers Trust that provides information and support for carers living in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.  It also provides advocacy service and counselling.

Carers Trust Professionals

Resources and information for anyone who works with carers.

Digital Resource for Carers

Carers UK's Digital Resource for Carers brings together a number of digital products and online resources, including the Jointly app for professionals, to help organisations provide comprehensive information and support for carers.