Support for children

Young people and children are often affected by the illness of a parent or another family member. Children will often need information about the illness and treatment. They may need someone that they can talk to that they can trust. 

Young people need to know that they are not to blame for the illness and they may benefit from meeting other children in a similar situation. If children are providing care, such as emotional support to a parent or care to siblings if their parent is unable to do so, they will need to be supported to ensure that they don’t take on too much.


Each borough that Oxleas covers has young carers’ projects which aim to support young people affected by someone else’s illness or disability.


Bexley Moorings Project
Royal Park Primary School
Riverside Road
Sidcup DA14 4PX

Tel: 020 8300 9742


Bexley Moorings Project is a voluntary organisation supporting young people living in the London Borough of Bexley. The Young Carers' Service supports young people aged 8 to 18, who live in a family where someone is affected by an illness, disability, mental health problem or drug and alcohol misuse.

The project offers:

  • One-to-one support
  • Weekly group
  • One day young carers' workshops in the school holidays
  • Opportunities to meet others in similar situations
  • Information about local or national services
  • Support and information regarding your caring role
  • Advocacy - talk to other professionals on your behalf
  • Regular newsletters
  • Adhoc trips and activities.

Parents Power

Tel: 01322 351555 or 07821 397200


Parents’ power is a support group set up and run by disabled parents. It aims to provide support for parents with disabilities and their children.

Imago Young Carers Bexley

John Spare House
17-18 Monson Road
Tunbridge Wells,
TN11 1LS

Phone:  0300 111 1110


Imago Young Carers aim to reduce the negative and highlight the positive impact of being a carer such as increased resilience, empathy, non-judgmental attitude and caring nature. Imago Young Carers delivers a support service to anyone aged 8-18 living in Bexley who is taking on caring responsibilities for a family with a long-term illness, disability, mental health or substance misuse issue.

The Bexley Young carers project offers:

  • Respite activities
  • Chill clubs (Young carers social group)
  • Newsletters (keeping you up to date on our upcoming events/activities)
  • 1:1 Tailored support
  • School drop-ins
  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Communication with other professionals that are working with the young carer so holistic is offered to the young carer


Carers Bromley
Anglesea Place
1 Kent Road
St Mary Cray
Orpington BR5 4AD 

Tel: 01689 898 289

Freephone: 0800 015 7700


Bromley young carers project can:

  • Give children a chance to talk to someone privately
  • Help children find out about things, eg information about a type of illness or disability, how to ask for help from social services or where your local youth club is, etc
  • Speak up for the a child when they feel they need some support.

Help the child find some spare time for:

  • Meeting school friends
  • Meeting other young carers
  • Being on their own for a while
  • Joining in activities
  • Anything else they would like to have the time to do.


Greenwich Carers Centre
Suite 9, Gunnery House
Duke of Wellington Avenue
London SE18 6SW

Tel: 020 8301 867


Greenwich young carers service can provide:

  • Information for young people
  • Opportunities for children to meet others in a similar situation
  • Activity days
  • Newsletters
  • Holidays
  • Training.