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Caring for someone with a mental illness or learning disability can be rewarding but it can also be very challenging, both practically and emotionally.  As a relative or carer you have a vital role in supporting the service user but it is also important that you make time for yourself and access help if you feel you need it. Families and carers may need:

  • Emotional support and a listening ear
  • The chance to meet other people in a similar situation
  • Information and advice about the illness and treatment options
  • Financial support
  • Practical support
  • Time off to relax and pursue work and leisure activities
  • Recognition for the important role you play
  • Involvement in treatment and care planning

Oxleas and local services in each borough have a range of support available to carers such as support groups, information, one-to-one support, advocacy and support to access benefits.

Carers’ support workers

Each borough has a dedicated mental health carers’ support worker, and Oxleas also has a trust-wide Carers' Lead. Any of these workers can be contacted for information, advice and support.

In Bexley
Andy Runeckles (Mind in Bexley)
Tel : 020 8303 5816 (option 7)
Mobile : 0794 956 4962

In Bromley
Helen Brushett (Carers Support Adviser - Mental Health)
Email :
Tel: 01689 892300
Mobile : 07513 531359 

Bracton Centre
Tricia Colston (Carer Support Worker)
Tel: 01322 297609

Local and national services

You can also visit the services page and click on family and carer support to see a list of local and national services.

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