Good Thinking Online

Londoners experiencing sleep difficulties, anxiety, low mood and stress can now access self-care support via the online Good Thinking digital wellbeing service.

Two million Londoners will experience mental ill health this year, however 75% of Londoners with depression and anxiety do not receive any treatment at all.

The Good Thinking service aims to improve the mental wellbeing of ‘self-identifying’ Londoners and reduce pressure on local services. It does this by directing you to services personalised to your needs, based on your online answers to questions about sleep, anxiety, low mood and stress.

Commissioned by all 32 London NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and a majority of London Borough Councils, the development of the service has been overseen by the Mental Health Transformation Board with delivery facilitated by Healthy London Partnership, NHS England and Public Health England, and supported by the Mayor of London.

Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy, Director of Public Health, Haringey and Chair of the Good Thinking Steering Group said: “We initially identified people with sleep difficulties and anxiety by using digital engagement techniques to direct them towards personalised services. We will continue to progress through a cycle of testing to cover sleep, anxiety, low mood and stress into 2018.”

Benefits of the Good Thinking service:

  • available to Londoners 24/7
  • actively guides those in need to endorsed digital apps and other beneficial resources and unlimited access to evidence-based self-managed cognitive behavioural therapy
  • offers a wellbeing self-assessment to support the personalisation of self-care offerings
  • has e-safety, safeguarding and clinical risk management at the core of the service, but in a non-intrusive way – with a focus on behavioural change and self-management
  • has the potential to improve the mental wellbeing of all Londoners and reduce pressure on local services, saving London and health and care services money.

If you would like to receive the Good Thinking monthly update, or have any questions about the service please email

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