CAMHS: Good practice example Non-Violent Resistance (NVR)

"Having a violent child is an isolating experience; no one wants to know and family and friends often put the blame on parents. Breaking the cycle of violence and silence is a core NVR value"
Liz Day, Family Therapist, Bexley Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

"Having the opportunity to speak publically about my experience was important."
NVR Graduate Parent

Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) – parent involvement and feedback on experience

NVR is a ten week group programme, unique in that it directly targets parents whose children are violent, threatening and self destructive. The young person's violence may be directed at parents, siblings, pets, the home, themselves, teachers and others; all or a combination of these. The service is provided in Bexley and Greenwich.

Since 2007, 224 families in Bexley and Greenwich CAMHS have been referred to the NVR groups. Of the 155 families who attended the first group sessions, 90 families attended five or more sessions. As at October 2012, six parents are active Graduate Parents (parents who have completed the course).