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Dave Mellish, Chair

I’m afraid it’s me again - we’re nearly at the end of the formal part and as chairman at the AMM I’m statutorily obliged to talk to the members about the major changes around the governors and the council of governors and I’m statutorily obliged to talk about any changes to our constitution that’s set in law and can only be changed at the Annual Members’ Meeting, so the next five minutes or so will be a little bit dry but bear with me.

The first thing I want to talk about is every AMM, it’s always a great event but it’s always tinged with a bit of sadness, certainly since 2006, because it’s at the AMM where we say goodbye to those governors that have been with us and their term of office from when they were elected has come to an end, and this year is almost a bumper year for that, and we have got 12 of our governors who are stepping down and after today’s AMM are no longer governors with Oxleas.

Now the vast majority of those 12 names, and I’m not going to go through them individually, have been with us since we became a Foundation Trust in 2006, and you just heard Rosie talk about we’ve been on a huge learning curve and I think we are where we are with the council of governors due in no small part to the efforts put in by those people represented before you now, we do really as a trust owe them an incredible debt of gratitude because they really have genuinely since 2006 in a very constructive and positive way helped us change and improve our services.

So, can I on behalf of all the staff, on behalf of the board and the personal basis as chair of the council of governors, on behalf of all the members as well, can I thank each of those 12 individuals for the efforts that they put in as governor for Oxleas Trust and I know that a number of them are staying with us as members of the user carer council and also part of the patient experience group and I’m delighted that is the case and I do hope as many as you as possible take the opportunity in the future to put your head above the parapet once again and stand for election as governors, I do hope so because you will be sorely missed.  Thank you very much indeed.

Now on a slightly happier note in the course of the AMM we welcome in the new governors, as some leave so they are replaced with new governors, and congratulations to Amanda and Chris who were re-elected in the last round and are now with us for their second period, obviously I’m delighted that is the case, and for the other 10 names before you, they all have been successful within their elections, either staff governors, public governors or user carer governors and are now governors of Oxleas Trust.  I’ve met a number of you already and I’m really looking forward to working with you together with the rest of the governors, to receive your support and advice on how to better manage the changes and improving the services and the problems arising from that we will be facing over the next two or three years, so congratulations, thank you for putting your head above the parapet and I’m sure I do hope you will enjoy it, so thanks very much.

My last role today is around the constitution; normally since 2006 when we became a foundation trust I think we’ve only had one or two minor changes to the constitution at AMMs over the last five years.  There’s a number of changes now being proposed, mainly almost entirely arising from the integration with Bexley and Greenwich CHS.  We had to review the membership and the elected governors in particular to ensure the council of governors rule in the future represent the wider area of patients and users and the wider area of our responsibility than was the case when we were a mental health trust and learning disabilities trust only.

Can I put on record my thanks for the six to eight governors who have been working with the trust secretary Anne Rozier and myself over the last six months in developing these changes of the constitution ready for today’s AMM to hopefully get approval.   They are as you see them before you those of you who were here from this morning and taken part in the vote which was organised by the Electoral Reform Society and you had to answer yes or no to the proposed changes and I’m delighted to say that every single one of them there was a huge majority of those that voted who supported the changes.   And in relation to the subclasses, as 83% voted for, in relation to the increase in staff, 96% voted for, in relation to the term of office for governors, 76% voted for, change in the terms of office of Non Executive Directors, 72% voted for, decrease partnership governors, and finally the change in those eligible to become a governor, the changes in the constitution in which I’m grateful to Chris Purnell to have initiated, 85% voted for that as well.

So there was an overwhelming majority for all of those changes, so as of now they will become part of our constitution and will provide the legal framework of which we are working, so thank you very much, and you’ll be delighted to know that’s me finished!