Common Foundations Online Webinar

Common Foundations Online

Live Webinar here: Fridays 12.00-12.45

The Common foundation Online is for people who have difficulty managing emotions and in interpersonal relationships. It focuses on building skills and coping strategies to make these problems more manageable.

Please be aware we may address some topics such as emotional distress, self-harm or suicidal feelings. Whilst we only talk about these things in a caring way so as to help people overcome them, we know these issues can be triggering at some times. We ask that you consider your own readiness for this on the day and think in advance about how to manage any strong feelings that may come up.

The webinar is delivered by:

  • Co-facilitated by Oxleas' Lived Experience Practitioner (someone who has lived experience of mental health problems, and mental health services) and Health Care Professionals
  • A mix of discussion, presentations with a structured Q&A section. 

To suggest a question or idea please email This is a secure NHS email for webinar questions and topics only. Questions submitted by email will be grouped into common themes to be discussed on the live webinar. Individual questions or messages are not read out and there is no individual response to emails.

We are unable to provide Crisis Support via this email so if you are currently in need of urgent support, please ring the Oxleas Crisis line on 0800 330 8590 or go to A&E if you are unable to keep yourself and others safe.