Approach to developing the content of the workshops and events

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We would like to design the content of the workshops and events we aim to deliver with the input of the people the project aims to help, young people and the professionals and carers who work with them.

With this project, we have the unique opportunity to deliver something different and we hope that starts with young people and asking them what that “different” could be.

We would like to do this through co-design workshops with young people. Asking the question: 'On top of what they already do, what do the professionals and the carers need to know or do to be able to you help you live well into the future?'

We hope in this way young people could help us identify areas that may not already be addressed in the training of professionals and carers. This might be things that aren’t on the face of it important to the organisations the professionals and carers work in, but things that could make a difference to young people. 

Continuing with the co-design approach we also want to meet with professionals and carers and ask them a similar question: 'What could we deliver through the training events that is different and on top of the training or experiences you have had already?'

We hope that through a co-design approach with young people, professionals and carers, that we can deliver a series of meaningful, unique workshops and events that will have a lasting impacting for both groups.

Within the co-design approach and delivery, we would like to both think about the needs (what is missing) and the assets (what we have already available to us) of the young people, professionals and carers in the Borough of Greenwich. These two focuses will flow through the co-design workshops and the delivery of the educational workshops and network events.