Delivering services safely to those who need it most

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In response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, everyone at Oxleas is working hard to continue to provide care to those who need it most.

Our core community services have continued in line with national guidance.

Delivery of our non-Covid services has changed. We have scaled up the use of technology and where possible, video or telephone appointments are being offered for all outpatient activity where a medical procedure is not required. 

We are focussing resources on our acute, crisis and services caring for the most vulnerable in the communities we serve, but continue to undertake assessments and provide care as needed elsewhere.

If you do require urgent medical attention about something other than Coronavirus, do seek treatment and contact the emergency services where appropriate.

Contact your surgery if you feel unwell – do not ignore your symptoms particularly if you have a long term condition or your mental health worsens. Stay in touch with your clinical team.

Parents of babies and young children should still contact their practice to arrange for routine immunisations and pregnant or new mothers should call if they are worried about their own or their baby or child’s health.

Please click here for our latest service provision.

Visiting & attending outpatient appointments

The Government guidance is that all visitors and outpatients should wear face coverings in all health care settings.

Please ensure you wear your own face mask or covering when coming onto any of our clinical sites and throughout your visit.

If you arrive on the premises without a suitable mask or face covering, one will be provided for you.

In line with the Government guidance and restrictions, visiting remains suspended on all our wards other than for exceptional compassionate circumstances.

For the most up to date information on COVID-19, please visit the NHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) website


Some essential clinics and home visits have continued face-to-face but where possible, these services are being offered virtually by phone or video technology.

To enable us to continue to treat those patients with long-term conditions or who need continuing care, telephone and video consultation services are now in place for many of our outpatient appointments.

At Greenwich Time to Talk in Eltham, staff and patients alike have embraced the use of virtual appointments which help to keep everyone safe.

Our Music Therapy Services in Greenwich are also using digital appointments, as well as producing some guidance videos of activities which parents can do at home with their children as part of their therapy.

Looking after your mental health

Infectious disease outbreaks, like the current Coronavirus (COVID-19), can be scary and can affect our mental health. 

  • If you are a parent and you have concerns about your child’s mental health, please contact 0203 319 7666 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Please contact the SLP crisis line on 020 3228 5980 Monday to Friday 5pm-9pm and Saturday to Sunday 1pm-9pm. For all other times please contact the Oxleas Urgent Advice line on 0800 330 8590. Please also note that support is available via Kooth
  • If you are a patient of our mental health services and are experiencing a crisis, please do not go to Accident and Emergency departments but contact your care co-ordinator or our crisis line on 0800 330 8590.

Keeping you and your household safe

Please visit our looking after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak page for some tips to help you look after your health and the health of your loved ones at this difficult time.