Equality and human rights

Equality and Diversity

We are an equal opportunities employer and service provider. We aim to ensure that staff, service users and carers are not subject to discrimination, bullying and/or harassment on the basis of ethnic or national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, physical or mental health, religion or belief, gender identity, pregnancy or maternity and many other social factors which cause people to have different perspectives on the same set of facts or issues.

Human rights are central to our work, not just in terms of the legal requirements, but in terms of the fundamental principles of Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity and Autonomy (known as the FREDA principles).

Neglecting people’s human rights is bad for their health. In contrast, the protection and promotion of their human rights is not only good for individuals’ health, it also makes for better services for everyone.

Putting human rights at the heart of Oxleas helps improve the experience and outcomes for patients, service users and staff by approaching services and decisions in a person-centred way. Some examples of human rights issues in practice include: unsanitary conditions, excessive force in restraint, privacy on wards and family visits.

Our human rights based approach:

  • puts human rights at the heart of policy and planning
  • ensures accountability
  • empowers staff and service users
  • enables participation and involvement
  • creates an environment where non-discrimination and attention to vulnerable groups is part of service delivery.

We have an Equality and Human Rights Governance Group, which meets quarterly to discuss progress across the trust.

For more information please contact the Equality and Human Rights Team via our Building a Fairer Oxleas email: oxl-tr.bafo@nhs.net