Building A Fairer Oxleas

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Building A Fairer Oxleas (BAFO) is a programme of work involving frontline staff, senior managers and Board members in making positive changes to how it feels to work at Oxleas.

We are focusing on making recruitment and career progression fairer and improving cultural understanding.

The journey began in the summer of 2020 in response to feedback from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) staff about their experiences, the disproportionate impact of COVID on BAME communities and the impact of the killing of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.

We have a long way to go but we are committed to making changes that have a positive impact for all staff, but in particular BAME staff, disabled staff and LGBT+ staff.  

This in turn will benefit our patients, service users and their families.

In each other's shoes

At Oxleas, we value the diversity of our workforce.

We encourage our staff to put themselves in each other's shoes, in order to see, hear and understand each other. This also helps staff to put themselves in the patient's and carers' shoes. This is part of us living our values and understanding that small, everyday acts can help.

By highlighting microaggressions we want our staff and patients to reflect on the impact of these commonplace, often throwaway comments, that have a negative effect on the people they are aimed at or who observe them.

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To find out more, or if you'd like to get involved in this work, please contact us.

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