Community Paediatrics (October 2014)

GP Masterclass - October 2014

15 October 2014

Holiday Inn, Bexley

Our Community Paediatricians in Greenwich and Bexley offered the following GP Masterclass:

  • A brief overview of the Community Paediatric Services in Greenwich and Bexley
    Dr Adjoa Ezekwe, clinical lead for Greenwich Community Paediatric Service and Dr Thomas Jacob, Community Paediatric Consultant, Bexley Community Paediatric Service.
  • ‘My child won’t talk’ - Dr Naomi Gerson-Sofer, Consultant lead for Paediatric Neurodisability, Greenwich
    Dr Gerson-Sofer explored this common reason for parental anxiety from a developmental point of view, using a rich archive of photographs and videos, and a practical approach.
  • ‘When a child dies’ - Dr Grace Pereira, Designated Doctor for child death in Greenwich.
    Dr Pereira talked about the statutory process when a child dies and the role of the GP.

Following the presentations, our consultant panel were there to answer questions on any aspect of the service provided by community paediatricians.

Attendance certificates were given.