Contraception and Sexual Health (July 2014)

16 July 2014

Holiday Inn, Bexley

Gynaecological bleeding problems are a very common bleeding presentation in GP surgeries, and irregular bleeding is the commonest side effect experienced with hormonal contraception.

In this masterclass, the investigation and management of common bleeding problems was outlined including dysmenorrhoea, heavy menstrual bleeding and peri-menopausal bleeding.

Bleeding relating to hormonal contraception was explained, and simple strategies to help manage bleeding problems relating to hormonal contraception were outlined.

As a result of this seminar you will be able to:

  • assess and treat dysmenorrhoea
  • assess and treat heavy menstrual bleeding
  • assess peri-menopausal bleeding
  • recognise who needs to be referred on to community or secondary care gynaecology for further assessment
  • manage bleeding problems related to contraception.

Our speaker was Dr Jane Dickson, Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, Contraception, Sexual Health and Community Gynaecology, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.

Following Jane’s presentation, there was the opportunity for an open discussion about any issues or cases raised.

Attendance certificates were given.