Current issues in contraception and sexual health (February 2012)

Sexual healthcare is a fundamental part of holistic healthcare for patients. Parts of South East London are recognised as having the worst sexual ill health in the UK.

Particular problems which are important locally are:

  • high teenage conception rates
  • high abortion and repeat abortion rates
  • high HIV prevalence with high rate of late diagnosis and many undiagnosed patients
  • high Chlamydia rates especially amongst young people

Strategies which are thought to help with these problems include:

  • easily available access to sexual health services
  • increased uptake of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)
  • increased opportunistic testing for HIV and Chlamydia

To support local GPs, Oxleas ran a masterclass on contraception and sexual health.  The speaker was Dr Jane Dickson, Oxleas’ Community Specialist in Contraception and Sexual Health for Greenwich. Jane spoke about recent changes in contraception and sexual health, including new methods, guidelines and strategies to increase LARC uptake and STI testing.