Managing Anxiety and Depression (July 2012)

Depression and anxiety associated with a long term condition are some of the most common health problems seen by GPs. Managing patients with these and other emotional and physical problems can be a challenge.

To support local GPs, Oxleas ran a masterclass on anxiety and depression, with a focus on the recognition and treatment of these conditions in people with chronic physical health problems.

This free evening masterclass was open to all GPs and practice staff in Bexley, Greenwich and Bromley. The aims of the masterclass were to:

  • raise awareness of signs and symptoms, and provide GPs with information and advice to manage patients experiencing anxiety and depression
  • discuss psychological approaches to treating such conditions
  • talk about pharmacological treatments

Our speakers on the night were Dr Derek Tracy, Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Laura Mazzotti, Psychologist, Greenwich Community Health Services’ Long Term Conditions Team, and Carol Paton, Oxleas’ Chief Pharmacist.

Each presentation included opportunities to ask questions and to discuss issues experienced in practices. Attendance certificates were given.