In Greenwich

We provide a range of children's community health services in Greenwich, including: children's community nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, school nursing and community paediatrics services. We also provide Greenwich Child and Adolscent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Greenwich Community LD Team (CLDT) is a joint specialist health and social care team. They can be contacted on 020 8921 4860. The transitions team is based in the CLDT. The transitions coordinator is John Fox. His contact details are tel: 020 8921 4860 and email:

Working with Charlton School, the following health support was agreed by school nurses:

  1. The student is given a pre-health check questionnaire to take home with him/her and a date for a health check. This is a 17 page 'easy read' document inviting the student and carers to answer questions about their health as they understand it, ie who their dentist is, who their optician is, what medicine they take etc.
  2. The completed questionnaire is brought to the health check appointment with the school nurses, along with a sample bottle re: urine testing (diabetes/infections etc).
  3. The purpose of the health check is as follows:
    a) To comprehensively identify health need and ensure there is a current 'Health Action Plan' to appropriately address any need that has been identified.
    b) To inform the student's GP, so that each student is appropriately registered on the GP practice's clinical system and systematically introduced to the Adult Annual Health Check scheme (DES).
    c) Personal Health Profiles are being supplied to the school to ensure students leave with a hand held health record and a jointly agreed 'Health Action Plan' that they understand. These are the tools practice staff are trained to use as part of the annual health check service in primary care.
  4. GP practice staff receive training to support continued annual health checks using the Personal Health Profiles.
  5. The Personal Health Profiles are designed to be used with every NHS service. They belong to the person, not the service. Carers are advised to familiarise themselves with these black books, presenting them at all NHS related appointments.

Further information

Contact Mark Bradley (Clinical Lead for Transition) for any further information relating to health services and transition for young people with learning disabilities at or by phone on 020 8269 3349.