Medicines Optimisation Service

Pharmacy - man looking at labels

The Medicines Optimisation Service will assess the patient at home and put a care plan in place to help overcome any practical difficulties the patient may have with taking their medicines.
Examples of practical solutions the team may be able to set up include medication delivery, showing a patient how to use their inhaler and arranging for medicines to be supplied in a compliance aid or with large print labels.

This service is available to patients with a Bromley GP only.

GP referrals

GPs referring to this service can find the referral form on their intranet.

Non-GP referrals

Referrers who are not GPs should complete the referral form below, ensuring their role in the patient's care and their contact details are clear.
The complete referral form should be sent to:

The service can be contacted by phone 0300 333 1966.