COPD and the weather

Long term conditions: COPD and the weather

Dealing with cold, windy days

Cold air and strong winds are known to be triggers for making COPD symptoms worse. Walking against the wind is hard work. Cold temperatures can also cause issues for COPD patients and they often feel more tired after they've been in the cold. 

If cold and windy climates affect you, try loosely wrapping a scarf over your nose and mouth on wintry days. This will help warm the air before it enters your lungs, which can help prevent the worsening of your symptoms.

Dealing with hot, humid air

While some people's COPD symptoms improve in humid weather, others find that their symptoms can flare up on days of high heat, humidity, or pollution.

If hot, humid temperatures affect you, especially when the air is very still and there is no breeze, stay indoors ideally with a fan.