Support to stop smoking

Long term conditions: Support to stop smoking

Stopping smoking will help improve your coughing and phlegm.

Smoking is a major cause of COPD. If you are still smoking then the single most important way in which you can help yourself feel better is to stop. It may well be that you have already stopped smoking and if that is the case, then congratulations.

If you haven't been able to stop yet there is support available to help you stop. You can get local advice and support in the following ways:

In person:
Pop in to your local pharmacy, or chat with your GP or practice nurse.

Over the phone:
Call 0800 587 5833 if you live in Greenwich or 01322 359960 if you live in Bexley.

QUIT to 60060.

Email: if you live in Greenwich or if you live in Bexley.

Visit the Greenwich stop smoking website at or Bexley stop smoking website at

When talking to your GP or nurse about stopping smoking, here are some questions you may want to ask them.

  • I've tried stopping before, but I couldn't. How can you help me give up?
  • How will stopping smoking help my COPD?
  • How effective are the different 'stop smoking' programmes?
  • Which one would suit me best?
  • Will it be easier to stop if I am using some kind of medicinal help, like nicotine chewing gum or patches?
  • What if I give up and then start smoking again?
  • If I stop smoking, what difference will it make to my condition and how I feel?