Support to stop smoking

Long term conditions: Support to stop smoking

Stopping smoking will help reduce your risk of getting the complications associated with having type 2 diabetes.

If you would like help to stop smoking there is support available. You can get local advice and support in the following ways:

In person - pop in to your local pharmacy, or chat with your GP or practice nurse.

Over the phone: Call 0800 587 5833 if you live in Greenwich.

Text: QUIT to 60060.

Email: if you live in Greenwich.

Online: Visit the Greenwich stop smoking website at

When talking to your GP or nurse about stopping smoking, here are some questions you may want to ask them: 

  • I've tried stopping before, but I couldn't. How can you help me give up?
  • How will stopping smoking help my type 2 diabetes?
  • How effective are the different 'stop smoking' programmes?
  • Which one would suit me best?
  • Will it be easier to stop if I am using some kind of medicinal help, like nicotine chewing gum or patches?
  • What if I give up and then start smoking again?
  • If I stop smoking, what difference will it make to my condition and how I feel?