Chicken Supremes are a class ACT

ACT Xmas Party 2009

Excitement hit the music world as Nicki Godfrey, backed by the Chicken Supremes (aka Miranda Feyistan, Banbury Occupational Therapist, and Jackie Glasgow, Healthcare Assistant at Ivy Willis) made their singing debut at the ACT/RST Christmas party.

Their version of Stop in the name of love featuring Phil Friel (ACT Community Psychiatric Nurse), and Tony Tang (musician) on guitars was a rare mark of distinction – Diana Ross was unavailable for comment. Apart from the usual festive revelry, the highlight of the afternoon saw service users James Sewell (ACT) and Ian Moody (RST) battle it out for the table tennis championship crown.

Deftly refereed by Norman Penrhyn (RST Lead Nurse) James Sewell triumphed in front of an 80-strong crowd. With the smell of victory in the air James also bagged a Christmas hamper in the raffle.

Published on 22nd December 2009