A woman of Kent

Sandi Lowing

You can take the woman out of Kent but you can’t take Kent out of the woman. At least that would appear to be the case for Oxleas Governor, Sandi Lowing.

Sandi, 57, who also happens to be Chief Executive of Bromley Mind, was raised in the United States – in Kent County, Michigan. Now she works in Orpington, Kent.

Her passion for mental health care was born out of her own family’s experience. Sandi is one of 11 siblings – two of her brothers required mental health treatment.

Sandi has worked for Mind for 30 years and been in Bromley for a decade. She said: “When I first came to England I worked for a disability organisation. I became interested in the link between mental health and disability, in this case deafness.

“My passion at Mind has always been about giving people the support and tools they need to help themselves.

“As an appointed Governor at Oxleas I represent the voluntary sector. The main theme of my work is to promote working in partnership with other organisations. Mind has a long standing, positive relationship with Oxleas. However, Oxleas sometimes still has a lot of work to do in the patrtnership area. My role is to remind Oxleas that it cannot do everything alone and that it needs to work with partner organisations.”

Sandi is particularly proud of the fact that Bromley Mind will soon be opening a fourth specialist day care centre for dememtia sufferers, in St. Paul’s Cray.

Published on 12th June 2009