Intrepid Dr Browning retires

Sally preparing for her trek last year.

Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Sally Browning, retires from Oxleas today – 26 June 2009. Sally, who is based at the Erith Centre, has worked for the organisation for 21 years and spent 31 years in the NHS.

Last year she was involved in a charity trek to India and Sri Lanka – in a bid to help mental health services there. A combination of a fundraising trek in India and a week working as a volunteer in Sri Lanka, the trip supported an International Volunteer project set up to provide help to developing countries.

Sally was supporting the Overseas Volunteer Programme of the Royal College of Psychiatrists by going on the trek. At the time Sally said: “Around the world, people with mental illness tend to get a poor deal, often facing stigma in their own community and with limited access to services which are generally under-resourced. This is particularly so in the poorer countries of the world where workers may be trying to provide a service in incredibly difficult conditions.

“The College is a contact point for psychiatrists across the world and has set up the programme to respond to requests for help using volunteers based in the UK. They go at the invitation of, and work with, the local communities and services.”

It is a measure of the woman that she has invited many service users to her retirement party at the Erith Centre today. The trust will miss Dr Browning – a woman with a big heart.

Caption: Sally preparing for her trek last year.

Published on 26th June 2009