Borough Focus Groups told quality is paramount

Throughout January the trust has been holding Borough Focus Groups in our three boroughs of Bromley, Bexley and Greenwich. The last of these was staged on Wednesday 27 January at Charlton House in Greenwich.

Despite some grim weather, well over 100 people turned up to the meetings.

The focus groups enable governors and senior managers to meet and seek the views of trust membership on Oxleas’ Annual Plan for 2010/11.

At the Charlton meeting Oxleas’ Chair Dave Mellish said: “This is a good way to get the views of our members, warts and all. We can make sure we are doing what you (the members) want.” Members were asked to write down their ideas for changes. Dave continued: “All suggestions are collated and go to the Council of Governors meeting in March.” There will be more details about this in the next issue of Oxleas Exchange.

Deputy Chief Executive, Helen Smith said: “Anybody who uses our services has the right to demand the best possible care. The economic situation is changing and the NHS is facing significant challenges. However ditching the quality of our service is not an option. Quality remains at the heart of all we do.”

However, Helen did say that in the future there will be a greater focus on treating patients at home or in community settings. She also mentioned the trust is expected to grow considerably this year with the planned integration of Bexley community health services.

Oxleas helped 18,000 service users last year, it employs more than 2,000 staff, spread over 76 sites. The integration of Bexley community health services will add 470 employees to the Oxleas payroll.

Photo Caption

Deputy Chief Executive, Helen Smith and Chair, Dave Mellish at the Greenwich Borough Focus Group.

Published on 29th January 2010