Appeal for more Community Health Service members

News item: Become an Oxleas member

Oxleas wants to recruit more trust members from the people that use its Community Health Services (CHS) and the local population in general.

Community Health Services are now a significant part of Oxleas so it is really important that Oxleas has members who represent them.

Joining the trust means that you can have a say in how your local services are delivered and developed in future. You can come along to trust meetings and get involved in elections by voting or nominating someone for election as governor. Once a member, you can also stand for governor yourself. 

Membership is free and is a real opportunity to influence the development of Oxleas. As a foundation trust it is accountable to its members and governors – the latter of whom represent the interests of members to the trust and have the power to appoint (and remove) Board members.

Membership is free and open to anyone, aged 14 and over. Whatever your level of interest or however much you want to be involved, anyone who lives in Bexley, Bromley or Greenwich is invited to become a member. Once registered, you will receive as much information and can get involved as much as you want – it is entirely up to you.

Everyone has their own life experience and views of their local NHS and these are invaluable to us.  

You can join by visiting the membership page, by calling Freephone 0800 389 6642 or by emailing:

Published on 13th May 2011