… Talking 'bout the car wash yeah!

Bracton car wash
From left to right: Patsy Fung, Curtis Michael, Richard Page (who owns the car) and Bracton resident Clive treat the XJ8 to some serious soap suds.

It was the talk of trust headquarters Pinewood House today – you can now have your car hand washed in the car park for only £3.50 – about half of what you might pay elsewhere.

Helping to launch the new scheme, Director of Finance, Richard Page, said: “I haven’t washed a car in about 20 years or so - so you’re getting a picture of some historical significance as far as I’m concerned.”

Richard brought along his rather dirty - but beautiful 3.2 Litre V8 Jaguar XJ8 perhaps the longest car in the car park – to be the first vehicle cleaned. He quipped: “I have my car cleaned once a year, whether it needs it or not.”

It was Richard’s car that was used to start the scheme at the Pinewood House car park. Clive, a service user at the Bracton Centre, our medium secure unit, turned on the pressure washer to get the grime off it and then Richard, Clive, Support Time and Recovery Worker, Curtis Michael and Head of Occupational Therapy at the Bracton Centre, Patsy Fung got stuck in with sponges to make sure the Jag’s curves were hand cleaned to perfection.

Curtis told One Oxleas: “My remit is social inclusion and this is a good way of getting people involved in social activities. We already offer this service to motorists that park at the Bracton Centre but now we are expanding it to include Pinewood House too.”

The fee of £3.50 is about half what you might normally pay and all the money goes to the Friends of Henri De Bracton charity to help fund service user activities.

The car washing service will run throughout the summer at Pinewood House, initially on Fridays between 10am and 1pm. You can book your car in for a wash by calling 01322 297191.

Published on 3rd June 2011